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Join LNFG for 2023 and receive one copy of all 25's album slotted for release in 2023 (and add over 65 more from our 6 past years)

(1) The New Bluebells LP - Slotted for March 2023

(2) The New Skids LP - Slotted for April 2023

(3) The debut LP from Slime City - Slotted for September  2023

(4) The debut LP from Brenda - Slotted for May  2023

(5) The new LP from wojtek the bear - Slotted for Sometime in 2023

(6) The new LP from Domiciles - Slotted for late 2023

(7) The new LP from Louise Connell

(8) The new LP from Popup (March)

(9) The new LP from The Hedrons

(10) The new LP from BIlly Reeves (March) 

(11) The new LP from The KIngfishers (May)

(12) The new LP from Gareth Sagar (July)

(13) The new LP from David McClymont (April)

(14) Cowboy Mouth - My Life As A Dog (Feb)

(15) Trashcan Sinatras - A Happy Pocket (Jan)

(16) The Skids - Days In Europa (Oct)

(17) His Latest Flame - In The Neighbourhood (Oct) 

(18) Raintree County - Road Songs + (March)

(19) Charlotte Hatherley (Nov)

(20) The Brilliant Corners - Collected Works (Nov)

(21) The Bluebells - Sisters (Picture Disc) (Jan)

(22) Superstar - Palm Tree (Jan)

(23) Biff Bang Pow - The Girl Who Runs The Beat Hotel {Jan)

(24) Eugene Kelly - Man Alive (June)

(25) Jerry Burns - Pale Red (Nov)

Each membership tier comes with the following benefits :

20% off all non LNFG releases we sell in our store

40% off further LNFG/PNFG releases (this discount ostensibly replaces the Token option from 2022)

Free access to the 7 year vault of digital music

Free access to tickets for album launch events along with discounts to other live events


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