LNFG was founded in 2016 as a non-profit patronage. This means that (a) we do not run the business to generate profits and (b) the majority of label funding comes from patrons.

This model enables us to fund artist costs without having to recover such from sales. So releasing on LNFG means expanding your audience immediately and having no serviceable debt eroding your earnings.

At present LNFG has almost 600 patrons wordwide, we have released over 50 records in our relatively short lifetime. Our artists have been nominated for numerous awards and we ourselves have been named "Record Label of the Year 2021"*

Alongside LNFG, we run Komponist an experimental label sourcing and supporting the kind of music that wouldnt normally get a commercial release.

PNFG which releases classic albums from our past

LNFGH - which like LNFG is a non-profit, but is not patron funded rather artists on LNFGH enjoy earning 100% of release profits.

Take a look at our artist roster and release history to glean a sense as to just how big and successful we have become.

You can join us as a patron - here via at the memberships link  or at www.patreon.com/lastnightfromglasgow


*we don't tend to shout about it as we aren't sure we weren't the only ones nominated (Prestige Awards)


Ian Smith

Ian Smith

The album is not sold out, it simply isn’t on sale yet. A general clue would be the term “coming soon” As there is no stock available, it shows as sold out. It isn’t!

Andrew R Holt

Andrew R Holt

Very excited to get an email this morning extolling the release of That Petrol Emotion – Babble. Extremely disappointed to find when I clicked on the link that it’s sold out already! Any chance that you’re going to press more copies? Thanks

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