The Kinks - Soap Opera (Pre-order)

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Pre-order out 14/7/23. The Kinks’ fourteenth studio album, from 1975, and a continuation of the band’s theatrical musical style from Preservation Acts 1 and 2

Soap Opera is the grandest concept album the Kinks ever made, in which Ray Davies' tackled the topic of how ‘Ordinary people’ escape the doldrums with dreams of stardoms. In it, a musician called ‘Starmaker’ swaps lives with an ordinary man named Norman to better understand life. Standout tracks are ‘A Face In The Crowd’, ‘Underneath The Neon Sign’ and the excellent ‘You Can’t Stop The Music’.

This is a 2LP black heavyweight 180g vinyl in gatefold sleeve, with original artwork faithfully reproduced. The first repress, apart from a limited edition 2008 US pressing, since the original release in 1974.

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