The Feelies - The Good Earth

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At the turn of the '80s, the Feelies were the quirkiest, most jittery, most over-caffeinated band on the New York / Hoboken pop scene. When they packed it in after the release of a sole album, 1980's Crazy Rhythms, it was like they'd simply run out of steam. The Feelies resurfaced unexpectedly in the mid-'80s in many ways could not have sounded more different than their original incarnation. Stanley Demeski's drums are much more laid-back than Anton Fier's, though he and new percussionist Dave Weckerman still get some good polyrhythms going. Songwriters Glenn Mercer and Bill Million still keep things taut, but there's space and air in the arrangements of folkish pop songs like 'on the roof' and the hypnotic 'slipping into something' which keep them from sounding as claustrophobic and hyper as the band's previous incarnation. The Good Earth is a Hoboken jangle-pop classic.  

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