Soft Loft - The Party And The Mess

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The debut album of Soft Loft, titled "The Party and the Mess," comprises 12 tracks and is set to be released on March 2024, in a standard 12" black vinyl edition, as well as in a limited special edition featuring a colored eco- mix vinyl accompanied by a poster and digital formats. Soft Loft is a safe haven, an attitude, a way of life. It’s where the broken and the imperfect are embraced and celebrated. Soft Loft is non-hierarchical. Soft Loft is where reality is transmuted into dreams and dreams back into reality. Judgement is suspended here. Because vulnerability is the gateway to connection. Anything goes, as long as it’s heartfelt and it flows. Soft Loft is a collective of musicians dedicated to creating safe spaces using sound. "The Party and the Mess" sounds like an intimate conversation between dear friends, and you, as the listener, are allowed to listen in on it. There’s also something about the ease with which everybody is playing, and how the individual instruments weave together to support the voice and the emotions that it channels – it feels so damn good. If

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