Public Service Broadcasting - The War Room

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Granted unique access to propaganda films from wwii-era Britain by the BFI and setting them to new music, public service broadcasting unveil 'the war room ep'. expect breathtaking visuals, atmospheric synths, pounding drums, krautrock guitars and poignant piano as j. willgoose, esq and his drumming companion wrigglesworth teach the lessons of the past through the music of the future...lead track 'spitfire' - a driving, motorik krautrock influenced tune - is an adaptation of the 1942 leslie howard film 'the first of the few', telling the story of the origins of the talismanic fighter. howard was viewed by josef goebbels as the most dangerous british propagandist of the era and his own life was to end in tragedy when the passenger plane he was travelling on in 1943 was shot down by the luftwaffe over the bay of biscay.

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