PJ Harvey and John Parish - A Woman A Man Walked By

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'A Woman A Man Walked By.' like much of Harvey and Parish's work, together or as individuals, is both atmospheric and angular, sometimes even confrontational. Their hooks aren't for humming, they're for digging into your subconscious - primal yet precise. Their history as student and mentor is certainly part of what makes them so effective as collaborators (Harvey notes that when parish is playing as her sideman, he can immediately play any guitar part back to her exactly as she played it to him the first time). but they're also kindred musical spirits - fellow captain beefheart fans - with a distaste for backtracking onto old music ground, even if that might make them more popular. "We both have this kind of unspoken rule - we're making music for ourselves," Parish says. "We really hope other people like it, but you can't make things for what you think other people might like or might want to buy. You have to do what you want to do and assume if you like it that somebody else is going to like it."

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