Nick Lowe - The Abominable Showman

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The Abominable Showman is Nick Lowe's fourth solo album from 1983. It was recorded with his post-Rockpile touring band Noise to Go. Following the blueprint of Rockpile, the band also featured a second lead vocalist in erstwhile Ace frontman Paul Carrack. The release comes with 2 previously unavailable tracks that are featured both on the CD and the bonus 7” single that comes with the LP. They had been featured on the Lowe-produced Paul Carrack album Suburban Voodoo (as well as on this albums duet Wish You Were Here). This unit could play hard driving rock and roll and soulful pop music, all in evidence here from the opener (and concert favourite) Raging Eyes to the full on pop-soul of Time Wounds All Heels.

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