Lou Reed - Rock N Roll Animal

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Lou Reed has always dabbled in contrasts, so it comes as no surprise that the follow-up to his darkly serious concept album Berlin was a commercially oriented, good-time rock and roll fest. Rock n' Roll Animal is a live set that finds reed stretching out on some of his best-loved Velvet Underground tunes with the help of his crack touring band at the time. Though the songs are somewhat given to stylistic excess, the overall sound is streamlined, accessible, and visceral. The twin guitar attack of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter help transform Velvet classics like White Light White Heat, Sweet Jane, and Rock 'n' Roll into pomp / glam-rock showpieces, complete with extended arrangements, elaborate instrumental sections, and of course, plenty of long guitar solos.

Standard Vinyl housed in Gatefold Sleeve. Remastered under Lou's direct personal supervision.

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