Joni Mitchell - Hejira

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The eccentric title of Joni Mitchell's eighth studio album, Hejira, reflects the liberating circumstances that inspired the revered record – as well as the explorative nature of the restless music, dense songwriting, and resilient moods within it. A reference to the migration of the prophet Mohammad in the seventh century, the term to Mitchell symbolised the sensation of "leaving the dream, no blame" – or, "running away, honourably." Largely written as Mitchell travelled alone across the United States and came to terms with her own mental, emotional, and physical health, the sparsely arranged Hejira is the sound of starting over; embracing change; meditating on the divide between free will and possession; channelling the colours, looks, and feelings of landscapes seen and imagined. The 1976 work – deemed the 133rd Greatest Album of All Time by Rolling Stone – also features Mitchell diving into the deep end of the jazz spectrum and partnering on several songs with virtuosic bassist and fellow sonic cosmonaut Jaco Pastorius.


Rhino repress on 180gm Vinyl 

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