Jeremy Tuplin - Violet Waves

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Jeremy Tuplin's TV-inspired third album comes with stunning 60's themed photography and typography on 12" Black Vinyl, the lyrics have been included on the record insert. A transmitter receiving and broadcasting stories both mundane and intergalactic, Violet Waves finds the Somerset-born artist boasting a diverse programming schedule few others could anchor. Previous record The Pink Mirror , a satirical look at our failure to remove the rose-tinted spectacles when observing the world around us, might have been an entirely solo affair, yet Violet Waves finds Tuplin entwining his band, the Ultimate Power Assembly, in his cosmic spiral. Exclusively recorded with the band who joined Tuplin on sojourns through Germany, Italy and two UK headline tours last year, their unfailing presence results in a more brash, bombastic output, espousing the electrifying drama of Scott Walker. Tuplin has always existed within touching distance of a wink of the eye, a tongue in the cheek, and even with the cataclysmic nature of the subjects on display here, Tuplin still manages to not take life too seriously.

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