Frank Sinatra - Songs for Swingin' Lovers

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when sinatra teams up with conductor/arranger nelson riddle, you know the results are bound to swing, and swinging is what this brash, jazzy and very upbeat album is all about. though the chairman has staked his claim as the preeminent saloon singer, telling tale after tragic tale of love gone awry, this album represents the sunny side of sinatra. he is bold and energetic here. his undeniably authoritative readings of songs like "i've got you under my skin" and "you make me feel so young" make them into standards, no matter who has sung them before. riddle's orchestrations are subtle but powerful, and swingin' lovers finds sinatra's voice bouncing off punchy horn stabs and floating gently along sweet rivers of woodwinds. one of the most impressive aspects of sinatra's talent is his control over the tone and shape of his voice. his singing is expansive and fluid-sounding, but it's plain that every atom of that sound is crafted with the utmost precision. sinatra's depth of musical understanding makes his delivery of even light-hearted songs like "anything goes" and "makin' whoopee" cut as deeply as his most romantic ballad.

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