Davey Woodward - Mumbo In The Jumbo (LP, CD & DL)

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In March 2025 Davey Woodward will release his brand new solo LP. We will be releasing this album incrementally over 10 months commencing on May 24th with the opening single Mumbo In The Jumbo.

You can pre-order the LP, CD or Lossless DL now and you will receive each of the 11 singles one month before the songs are provided to steaming sites.  Thus over the course of the period from reveal to May 24th you will receive one song a month. Each month, Davey will provide a little insight into the song which will be delivered along with your lossless DL.

We will commence shipping the physical copies of the LP in March 2025 with a release date in Shops and on Streaming set for March 28th.

The first single will be sent immediately upon completion of your purchase.

1. Mumbo In The Jumbo  24.05.24

2. It Takes a Whole Lot Of Soul To Fill Up A Cup 24.06.24 

3. Warm & Torn 24.07.24 

4. The Radio Says

5. Kiss You

6. Watch Out

7. Missing

8. Silver Button Purple Loons

9. Normal People

10. Metrosexual Man

11. Look What They Done

12. Don't Phone Me

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