Silver Sun- You Are Here

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Previously only available exclusively in Japan, this ten-track album contains all the songs from their “Sun” EP, and the "Lava" and "Last Day" singles. Plus there’s eight songs on You Are Here that didn't end up on their album, so collectors should take note. Early on, it's obvious that Silver Sun had their sound mapped out: surround sweet, catchy melodies with a wall of guitars that are set to stun.  Falling somewhere between Cheap Trick and the Buzzcocks (with a touch of Teenage Fanclub), Silver Sun's songs, penned by James Broad, are strikingly powerful little pop nuggets that are hard and tough on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside. The sleeve illustration is by Jeff Cummins who was responsible for all of the bands striking early sleeve designs and the reissue is pressed on 140 Gram black vinyl with printed inner sleeves.


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