Easy Star All-Stars - Dub Side Of The Moon

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The entire of Dark Side of the Moon recreated into a dub classic by the Easy Star All-stars featuring Sluggy Ranks, Frankie Paul, Dr Israel, the meditations etc. The all stars turn Floyd's strangely surreal world even stranger and more surreal, adorning the english bands dark psychedelic music with slow reggae beats and head-spinning dub-style production that is both inspired and effective. Money opens with the sound of bong hits and coughing instead of the cash register, then grooves to a reggae beat as guitar and organ churn out the classic riff - there's even the signatory sax break in the middle. The group hits it just right on Great Gig in the Sky, retaining the soaring gospel voice. tearing away at the alienation of the original, this infusion of new personality makes it all work, elevating the albums concept from the half-baked to visionary.

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