Aimee Mann - Queens of the Summer Hotel

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Queen Of The Summer Hotel is the forthcoming tenth studio album from singer-songwriter Aimee Mann. In 2018, Mann announced she was working on a musical adaptation inspired by Susannah Kaysen’s 1993 memoir Girl, Interrupted, about the author’s experiences being hospitalised in the 1960s for borderline personality disorder. Mann says she felt “almost possessed” when she started writing the songs:

"I’ve never written so fast and intensely, I found the material very interesting and obviously really personal. I had specific ideas about what I thought the character’s backstory could be and incorporated a lot of shared experiences to flesh out specific characters discussed in the memoir."

The COVID-19 pandemic ultimately threw the musical’s development into limbo, so Mann assembled the material she had and recorded the songs with herself on piano, accented with string and woodwind arrangements courtesy of longtime producer/collaborator Paul Bryan.

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