The McCluskey Brothers - Favourite Colours LP

Format: Transparent Lime
Sale price£20.00


Originally released on CD in 1992 - Favourite Colours finds Ken and David in fine fettle. A beautiful study in soulful folk music.

The album will be released on everyone's favourite colours of vinyl, well we say everyone what we mean is the majorities. When you pre-order the record, you will be able to request a specific colour. That colour will be manufactured if it proves to be one of the top three selected. If your colour is not selected for manufacture, you will be given the opportunity to swap over to one of the three most popular.


The judgement has come down and we have in fact 4 limited edition colours - Lime, Green, Turquoise and Violet.

We will ship all LPs as soon as received from manufacturers with an anticipated worldwide release of 29.10.21

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