Marco Rossi - Since Returning From The Moon CD & DL

Format: CD
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On April 12th 2024 we will be delighted to bring you the new solo album from Marco Rossi. (no no not that Marco Rossi ... this Marco Rossi)

A beautifully understated album wherein Marco performs all components - imagine Andy Partridge recording RAM and that might give you some sense of where it sits.

We will release a single from the album in January and again in March. We hope to have Marco in store some time in April.

This will be a very limited run on CD with Marco signing the first 100 CDs sold.

We are ready to commission a Vinyl LP pressing, the speed of manufacture very much dictated by you, the customer. As soon as we have 60 LP Pre-Orders will hit "Press" and the album will be with us around 90 days thereafter.

Album will be released In October 2024 

The first 100 copies sold will be manufactured in Phone Box Red Vinyl with a signed insert from Marco.


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