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We are delighted to announce that following extensive antipodean zoom meetings, we have concluded the necessary handshake agreement that will see Steve Lane release music on LNFG in 2022/2023. In 2009, Steve Lane set about committing a bunch of his songs to tape, enlisting good mates Darren Seltmann (Ripe, The Avalanches), Jimmy Williams (The Shedshakers, Paul Kelly and the Dots) and Pete Slater (Dalriada) to add their considerable talents to the project.  

“Steve Lane & The Autocrats release and album that has all the tell-tale signs of an Australian band bound for longevity” - Isabella Tolhurst (FasterLouder)

Steve Lane and The Autocrats’  sophomore album ‘Birds Taking Flight’ was released in 2013 and the lead single ‘Thirteen’ shone brightly, receiving overwhelming praise from media and punters alike reaching the finals of the International Songwriting Competition in 2014 and 2015.

Rolling Stone’s Darren Levin wrote that “Birds Taking Flight is a bunch of mates writing tightly honed songs with their blinkers on… Lane’s heart is in the right place when he pays tribute to Pakistani activist Malala Youssafzai on ‘Thirteen’’.

2015 saw Steve showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto and make the kind of connections that will see his career traverse both Australia and Canada in the future. Moving on from The Autocrats in 2017, Steve Lane’s third album ‘The Revenge of the Lawn’ is a culmination of some great and some “shit” life experiences shared with band mates and long-time collaborators. The last few years have challenged Steve to the core with the loss of both his parents.  This loss has informed the heart of the songs on The Revenge of the Lawn but has not left them without hope.

"Steve Lane’s songs aren’t ripped from the headlines, they’re torn out of your diaries, overhead from your friend’s stories and about as real and Australian as dual citizenship and marrying who you love" - Bernard Zuel

The first single from our budding partnership will be released on January 28th


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