We Are The Physics Are -Ok At Music

Format: Green Vinyl
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Remastered and Reissued 13 Years On
Originally released in 2008, the debut album from Glasgow's self-proclaimed 'purveyors of mutant science punk rock' We Are The Physics was a short, sharp, loud explosion of new wave post punk that saw the band propelled from playing only to amuse themselves straight to the world stage, headlining and selling out shows across the UK, Europe, Russia and Japan, and then back home again for dinner time when it all went wrong and they had to get office jobs.

Never released before on vinyl, 'We Are The Physics Are OK At Music' has been remastered, containing the 'hit' singles 'Less Than Three', 'This Is Vanity', and 'You Can Do Athletics, btw' (honestly, it charted higher than Adele when it came out (but not as high as Nickelback)), as well as featuring three bonus tracks, 'Stretch Armstrong', 'We Doctors Diagnose Ourselves', and 'Turning Heads'.

Available in two exclusive colours, the LP also contains the original album's trademark 'cut out' We Are The Physics action figures.

Slotted for release in Q4 2021 - order now and help us work out just how few we need

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