U2 - The Joshua Tree

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Remastered Double Heavyweight Vinyl. The Joshua Tree, first released in March 1987, capitalized perfectly on U2's startling appearance at Live Aid almost two years previously. Aware of the platform that they now had, the band crafted away with Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois to make an album that was sonically unified, emotionally intelligent and commercially sound. It takes an outsider's eye to unpack and commentate on the idiosyncrasies of a country. The America of U2's The Joshua Tree is the one the group surveyed through their tourbus window as they built and cemented their reputation throughout the early 80s. The fact that they were working out of Ireland made it to be a far more balanced account of the failings and successes of the New World. The third track (and lead single), With Or Without You, is the unique selling point of the album; it brings together the threads of the album's openers Where The Streets Have No Name, and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and demonstrates quite how capable as a group they had become.

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