The Full Pocket - The Definitive Guide to The Trashcan Sinatras A Happy Pocket

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Craig McAlister (The Perfect Reminder) brings you 52 Pages of A Happy Pocket, Interviews, Photgraphs and Memories. Design by Colin Cassells.

This will be a very limited run expected to ship late January, early February 2023.

“This straight in at 81 lark is wearing a bit thin, don’t you think?”

People at Go! Discs used to say’ ‘Why don’t you write songs like Travis?’ and I’d say, ‘Why don’t you write songs like Travis?’

More than a fanzine but not quite a book, A Full Pocket follows the lead of those Mojo and Uncut special editions where an element of an artist’s ouvre is placed under the spotlight and deconstructed until the minutiae is laid bare. Following extensive interviews with all five Trashcan Sinatras plus occasional peripheral players, A Full Pocket gives the reader the inside knowledge on the Trashcans’ third album, A Happy Pocket and its associated b-sides.

Which song was inspired by Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart?

What did Lulu think of the TCS version of To Sir, With Love?

How old was Davy when he wrote the lyric to Twisted And Bent?

Find out when you read A Full Pocket – The Definitive Guide to Trashcan Sinatras’ A Happy Pocket.

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