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Blue Aeroplanes, Bristol’s legendary art-pop guitar collective, release their 12th studio album, ‘Culture Gun’ shipping now!

 The line-up is mostly the same as for 2017’s ‘Welcome Stranger’, though featuring the return of the band’s long-time guitarist Rodney Allen. Recordings for ‘Culture Gun’ started in 2018, but were soon hit by unexpected problems, including vocalist Gerard Langley’s hospitalisation for cancer and then the logistical nightmare of lockdown.

Although this slowed the pace of recording however, it did not stop it, and the album was completed in 2022. At that point the Scottish label Last Night From Glasgow announced they had licensed 1991’s ‘Swagger’ album for re-issue and the band decided to release the new album via the same label.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, ‘Culture Gun’ is angrier and rather more politically engaged than ‘Welcome Stranger’, with references ranging from Brexit to social dependence via Silicon Valley and the Anthropocene era. Plus, of course, more personal subject matter, all couched in the band’s characteristically elliptical style and massed guitars.

Attendees at the annual Aeroplanes’ December gigs at the Fleece have already heard new tracks ‘Hips Like Cigarettes’, ‘20/20’ and ‘Waking Up In The Ghost Removal Van’, as well as vocal contributions for Mike Youé and Bec Jevons on ‘Someone (In The Arms Of No-One)’ and ‘An Unlikely Hit Of Adoration’.

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