The Beach Boys - Surfin' Safari + 7" Coloured Single

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New collection of classic LPs released on 180g vinyl, plus 7" bonus single on coloured vinyl (45rpm).

Recorded in California between October 3, 1961 and September 6, 1962.


Side A:

01. Surfin' Safari

02. County Fair

03. Ten Little Indians

04. Chug-a-lug

05. Little Girl (You're My Miss America)

06. 409

Side B:

01. Surfin'

02. Heads You Win/Tails I Lose

03. Summertime Blues

04. Cuckoo Clock

05. Moon Dawg

06. The Shift

+ containing two early Beach Boys songs not included on their first LP: "Luau" and "Judy"


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