The Bathers - Unusual Places To Die (Pre-Order)

Unusual Places To Die: Transparent Green Vinyl
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PNFG is thrilled to bring you a double treat from The Bathers!

In 2022 we will bring you the debut album "Unusual Places To Die" on vinyl and cd - some 35 years after it's initial release on Go Discs. Accompanying this remastered album we will also produce "More Unusual Places To Die" an 8 track ip featuring early recordings, providing an incredible insight into the mind and music of Chris Thomson.

Both records and cd's will be remastered by fellow "Friend Again" Paul McGeechan.

We hope - manufacturing permitting - to begin shipping this album in Q4 2021 but the production of vinyl is very volatile at the moment and thus we are carefully projecting a long lead time.

The original album will be available on 5 shades of Vinyl whilst the bonus EP will be produced on Transparent Green Vinyl

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