Sun Rose - The Essential Luxury

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Sun Rose released their debut album ‘The Essential Luxury’ in 2017.

The band began recording the album in 2014 under their previous monicker Nevada Base (themselves a much adored synth-pop band who had been very active in the local scene from 2008 – 2013) with both band members – Albert Kawmi and Calum Muir. Then becoming sidetracked with real life issues (jobs and families) the recordings sat dormant for a year. It was when Gus Wemyss (Nevada Base member from 2008-2011) returned to Glasgow that the recording were fleshed out and the arrangements finalised.

We heard the final album in late 2016 and decided it needed to be released. This re-focused the band and with a new name – Sun Rose – and a finished record (mixed by Miaoux Miaoux).

The debut single – Smirk garnered Single of the week status on the Janice Forsyth Show (BBC Radio Scotland).

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