Soup Dragons - Love Is Love / No Music On A Dead Planet - 7" Vinyl

Version: Love Is Love Blue Vinyl
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As far as memorable experiences go, being shouted over to La Chunky Studios at 6pm on April 23rd takes some beating.

The shouter - none other than Ross Sinclair "former" drummer of The Soup Dragons. 

Upon arrival we were greeted by Sushil Dade, Sean Dickson and Jim McCulloch - respectively, the "former" bassist, singer and guitarist in the aforementioned band. 

Now I should add, I vividly remember seeing the band perform Majestic Head on a teatime BBC TV show over 30 years ago and instantly rushing to Glasgow to buy "This Is Our Art" So you can imagine ... I was excited! 

Anyway - why was I being invited into La Chunky, well to hear the two brand new songs they had written and recorded that weekend.

I will give nothing away about these beauties other than to say, that, when asked what I  thought - I could say nothing but "F**king Magnificent"

You wont have long to wait before these will be part of your life. Slotted for worldwide release in early September. LNFG and Raw TV will be releasing 2 x 7 " singles. 

Love is Love on Yellow Vinyl with No Music on the Flip side and No Music on Blue Vinyl with Love is Love on the Flip side. Two brand new sleeves will accompany the releases and each/both can be pre-ordered now. 

"No music..." features the additional vocal stylings from friend of the band and all around legend - the B52's Fred Schneider!

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