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After the well-received Mercury and Sailor EPs and extensive gigging in NYC, Scam Avenue feels the time is right to present their debut album, Scam Avenue.
The culmination of several years of writing, experimentation, and recording, the songs on Scam Avenue blend ethereal vocals, interweaving synth textures, and atmospheric guitar washes to immediate and mesmerizing effect.

Producer and principal songwriter Lawrence Kim explains, “I had been in a relationship with someone and it came to an end. That was the inspiration for about half of the songs on the album. In addition, I had already been working on some other songs, which were in various stages of completion. So the album wasn’t conceived as a break-up album, but it could be viewed in that way. Each song can be seen as an expression of some aspect of that central theme.”

The music ranges from the sax-driven electronic moodiness of “Jailbird” to the slashing guitar attack of “Destroyer” (co-written with singer Devery Doleman) to the Bacharach-esque album closer “Echo”.

Devery also wrote lyrics for opening track “Fevers Fade,” which sounds like what might happen if Yoko Ono met Philip Glass on the dancefloor.

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