New Order - Low-Life

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with the 1985 release of 'low-life', new order put forth their most commercially accessible effort to date. while some of the dark-wave drippings of their joy division roots are evident, high energy progressions, which would carry them for years to come, began to emerge here. hits like 'perfect kiss' and 'sub-culture,' with their synth hooks, club-stomping accents, and visceral lyrics, helped bridge the gap for growing synth-pop audiences who bolstered their success. other refined techniques on the album became standard new order conventions: sweeping analogue rolls, live and sequenced drum percussion, tight bass melodies, and edgy guitar leads. sustained by a peerless level of emotional involvement, the vocals and lyrics further entice the listener with the obliquely nuanced style of bernard sumner. standing the test of time, this release is a must-have in order to understand the origins of introspective pop-wave culture.

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