Moongods - Best Friend (Lossless DL)

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BEST FRIEND is mine and Ewan's first pure co-write. And like many good things, it came easy. Riff first, melody/lyrics second, flutes and keys after. We've performed it around Glasgow and this is where Campbell threw on a sax solo, which worked out so well we got him in to record for this 'studio' version. The song sets a melancholic and contemplative atmosphere and reminds us of a quote about poetry "it's a clear expression of confused feelings". I'm not sure either of us could tell you what it's about.

Inspired by psychedelia, the future, the past and paganism, MOONGODS are a five piece band from Glasgow who make rock music that you can lose yourself to and get lost in. Their next release is called BEST FRIEND and will be available on 25th March 2024, the full moon known by the Celts as the Wind Moon.

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