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in 2024 LNFG will fund and support more new vinyl releases than any other UK indie label. Join us and help make it happen.

As an Unobtannium Member you will receive 25 new LPs in 2024. You will receive discount codes that you can use in our store against all purchases, you will be invited to attend launch events and you will enjoy access to an 8 year digital vault of music. A sense of self worth is likely but not guaranteed.

You will receive new LPs from

Starless, Xan Tyler, Gates of Light, The Blow Monkeys, Wojtek The Bear, The Muldoons, Kilgour, Jerry Burns, China Crisis, Scorpio Leisure, Casual Sex, Autumn 1904, Dignity Row, Louise Connell, Chiara Beradelli, Luximon, Goodbye Mr McMackenzie, The Joshua Hotel, Superhuman, Port Sukphur, Win, James KIng & The Lonewolves, A Girl Called Eddie, Sophisticated Boom Boom, The Golden Tree, The Countess of Fife 


You will also receive a free bonus Test Pressing

The one off Purchase Price is as stated but you can save 5% by signing up to annual automated billing. 

We have 3 Total Unobtanium Offers - £800 for 105 LPs


 (updated 15/02/2024)

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