Ian Donaldson - Dreams From Tenement Land (Vinyl, CD & DL)

Format: Just The Vinyl
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On October 18 2024, The LNFG Cartel will be delighted to bring you the brand new LP from Ian Donaldson. Ian came to prominence as the lead singer and songwriter of 80's chart botherers H20.

Of his new album Ian says "The songs are snap shots of what I experienced and lived through. The Technicolor and excitement of Glam at a time when the world was black and white. Of hearing the Clash for the first time on late night radio. Blade Runner. Dramatic Pop. Torch songs. A life long love of David Bowie. The joy of living. Heartache, regret and loss.

The album will be released on Eco Colour Vinyl, CD and Lossless DL. The first 50 copies of the LP sold will come with a dedicated and signed short story. 

In addition to being a well respected song writer - he has garnered critical acclaim for his recent foray into the written word

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