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Department S have a long and interesting history. Most famous for their 1981 UK hit single "Is Vic There?" they achieved further success on mainland Europe with follow up singles "Going Left Right" (an early punk/funk/mutant disco anthem!) and the final single from the original line-up "I Want", on which singer Vaughn Toulouse brilliantly both prophesied and satirised the coming age of greed and rampant capitalism that was the 1980s.

Since reforming in 2007 however, the new wave legends have continually pushed forward with new material and this new studio album showcases them at their very best.

The record boasts a rich vein of material which, whilst giving more than a passing nod to their 80s new-wave sound, displays a musically muscular 21st century take on the classic Department S vibe.

Guest appearances from Baz Warne (The Stranglers), Leigh Heggarty (Ruts DC), and Stephen Rice (The Chameleons) illustrate the high regard in which Department S are still held by their peers. For their part, the band feel that this album is their best work to date, and this is borne out by early reviews of tracks.

"Could well be their best release yet"

Reyt Good Magazine


"A captivating blend of post-punk jagged guitar and widescreen perfect pop"


"New Wave rock that is ready to blast forth from the starting blocks at full speed and leave all comers in its wake"


“Burn Down Tomorrow” is due for release on 11th October 2024.


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