Slime City - Death Club LP, CD, DL

Format: Youth Club - Just The CD
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The debut album absolutely nobody was waiting for. After swearing to never release an LP, Slime City have reneged on their word and committed 12 songs to vinyl and CD,

Released on 19th May 2023 on Splatter Vinyl and Shiny Silver Disc, "Death Club" features the smash hits* Dial Up Internet, Glasgow Is A Shitehole, Great British Skeleton and many others.

The band will launch this release with a special headline show at Glasgow's St, Lukes on May 19th 2023.

All LNFG Members will receive a free copy of Death Club as part of their annual membership. Members will also receive a free ticket to the launch event. 

A very few special Platinum VIP passes will be available entitling the recipient to a whole host of extra treats 

(1) Meet a band (not Slime City)
(2) Look at, but not touch, all the plug sockets in the venue
(3) Carry the bands gear (select your favourite band member at check out)
(4) See, but not listen to, the soundcheck
(5) Wait around for 6 hours
And, for an optional additional £18 pounds
(6) you will get a guided tour of our merch stand where you have the opportunity to: Categorise tshirts in size order Display records & Break change for strangers


*Insert own definition of "smash" and "hits" 

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