Metronomy- Small World Special Edition

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Available to buy online from 8pm, 24/04/2023.

Metronomy’s last studio album Small World revisited : new version of each track with a guest.

A1. Life and Death - Metronomy x Porij

A2. Things will be fine - Metronomy x PPJ

A3. It’s good to be back - Metronomy x Panic Shack

A4. Loneliness on the run - Metronomy x Nadeem Din Gibisi and Tony Njoku

B1. Love Factory - Metronomy x Katy J Pearson

B2. I lost my mind - Metronomy x Jessica Winter

B3. Right on time - Metronomy x Haich Ber Na

B4. Hold me tonight - Metronomy x Bolis Pupul

B5. I have seen enough - Metronomy x Sebastien Tellier

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