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Size: 5 Year Debenture 1 Off Payment with UK Postage Included
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So you like the idea of supporting an independent record label, you fancy getting all the benefits that such could bring and you don't mind throwing a little upfront cash at proceedings? Well this could be for you.

Over the last 7 years, LNFG have released over 100 LPs and over the next 5 years, we expect to release (c) 150 more. The LNFG debenture will ensure that you will receive 1 copy of every record released by LNFG or PNFG between January 2024 and December 2028. You will also be able to buy additional copies at 40% discount

So that's 5 years worth of membership, 12 years of Digital Downloads, all the records we release (plus 5 test pressings every year) free gig tickets and a few other sweeteners as the year goes on

Additional benefits may include A personalised Dog Bowl for your pooch to drink from if/when you bring them to Big Blue. A membership badge that enables you to lord it over all the other members of LNFG because you've got a badge and they don't

You can pay for this up front in advance and save a few pennies or you can pay over 10 monthly instalments. Simply pay the first month now and await monthly invoices for the balance.

The Postage Charge associated with the product covers the entire 5 years of shipments. You can of course click collect and pick up your records on a weekly or monthly basis.

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