Music From Big Blue

In May 2021 we opened our first bricks and mortar location in Glasgow's Hidden Lane. Moving from the third floor flat that we shared with founder Ian Smith's family was a necessary and wise move.

It's been an interesting year and a half, Big Blue (as we affectionately call it, part in reference to it being both big and blue and in part in homage to the debut album from The Band) has grown sizeabely, we now have distribution relationships with all the major providers, thus customers can both browse from and order from any UK and worldwide based labels.

We host regular in stores, so far we have been graced by the likes of Trashcan Sinatras, BMX Bandits, The McCluskey Brothers, Port Sulphur, St. Dukes, Monica Queen, Album Club and many many more.

Big Blue also plays home to The LNFG Cartel, our label service for those folks not signed to the label. In a world where Bandcamp seem to glean universal acclaim for essentially doing absolutely nothing other than providing advertising space for bands, we thought we could do better. You can learn all about the cartel in a previous blog.

Anyway for a full list of all non LNFG records stocked in big blue, then click the link below.


Music From Big Blue (

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