Trashcan Sinatras - I've Seen Everything Remastered LP & CD (Pre-Order)

Format: Deluxe CD
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Releasing on 24 September 2021, PNFG & LNFG are proud to bring you the remastered "I've Seen Everything" from Scotland's legendary band - Trashcan Sinatras.

The album will be released in a number of vinyl formats, a deluxe CD will also be available.

LNFG have also commissioned an accompanying book "The Perfect Reminder" this will feature interviews with fans, artists, producers and the band themselves, with accompanying original portraits.

You can order The LP in its various forms from 01.03.2021, bundles with CD's and Books will also be available.

All formats will ship immediately upon receipt from manufacturers and advance of the official worldwide store release dates.

The transparent blue and red vinyl versions listed herein will not be available in any stores and will be strictly limited to 100 copies each. Both Are Now Sold Out.

Due to a plastic shortage - colour pellets have been delayed and thus the transparent green will now be opaque green - apologies for this change outwith our control.


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