The Sweetheart Revue - Good News, Bad News (Vinyl LP and/or CD)

Format: Gatefold - Just Transparent Blue Vinyl
Sale price£20.00


This November we will bring you the brand new album from Glasgow's Sweetheart Revue It is a beautiful record, the kind of album Bill Callahan might make if he spent 6 months stuck in a rainy Ayrshire cottage with The Staves.

Making an album is never easy, but throw in a couple of lockdowns and a singer-songwriter (Gerard Sampaio) with an inoperable brain tumour and you’ve got GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS, an album which spans delicate love songs and meditations on not being around for much longer.

Gerard describes his situation as ‘really shit, but good material for writing songs.  At an incredibly tricky time, making this album and the love and support of the band itself have been a godsend. Like self-administered music therapy’. "

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