Isolation Sessions - Double Vinyl LP & CD

Format: Test Pressing
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"It is clear to us that our valued venues will struggle unless we do something to help. So over the course of the next month we shall invite all of our artists to record - at home, whilst in isolation - a cover of their favourite past LNFG release. We shall mix and master the album package it on Vinyl and CD. Selling it and passing all proceeds to our partner venues and record shops."  LNFG March 17th 2020.

Tracks from : Broken Chanter, Gracious Losers, Sister John, Cloth, Close Lobsters, Annie Booth, Lola In Slacks, L-space, Nicol & Elliott, Zoe Bestel, Medicine Men, Deer Leader, Bis, Slime City, The Martial Arts, The Muldoons, Life Model, Mt. Doubt, Carla Easton, Vulture Party, Foundlings; Andre Salvador and Lemon Drink.
Mixed By Chris Smith (Life Model) & Mastered by Paul McGeechan (Love & Money)

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