Sugartown - Mount Florida

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SUGARTOWN existed for a short period of time, but long enough for the country-soul voice of Gwen Stewart to make its mark. Two albums were released in Germany on the Marina label, and Sugartown performed live occasionally as guests of The Bathers.

The albums, ’Swimming In The Horsepool’ and ’Slow Flows The River’ were produced by Douglas MacIntyre and Paul McGeechan. McIntyre also wrote the bulk of the material specifically with Gwen’s voice in mind. Her vocal performance on the tracks featured on the PNFG album are sad and soulful, channeling the melancholia of Bobbie Gentry and Dusty in Memphis.

The album title, ‘Mount Florida’, is named in honour of the location where the songs were written, with the exception of ‘Valentine’, which was written by Willie Nelson. The 12 songs on the album are down-tempo and resigned, Gwen’s voice imbues a tenderness for the wee small hours. 

We plan to release Mount Florida in early 2022 with preorders shipping for Christmas.

Grab your strictly limited transparent midnight blue vinyl now!


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