Michael M - Glasgow Moths - Vinyl LP with Download

Format: Eco Vinyl
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Ex-We Are The Physics and current Slime City vocalist Michael M returns with a brand new album of irreverent lo-fi garage punk bangers. Short, fast, pointed anecdotes crammed into just over 30 minutes (so it's eligible for a Scottish Album of the Year Award) for fans of Weezer, Art Brut, Mike Krol, Half Man Half Biscuit, Mclusky, Jay Reatard. Includes download code and videos for each song.

A scathing but reflective attack on the internet's Balloon Guy? ✓
The existential crisis of finding out how old the boy from the Sixth Sense is? ✓
A Shangri-Las inspired tragedy-pop song about an old crisp packet? ✓
Nu Metal, but polite? ✓
Pressed on a totally randomly assigned Eco Colour Vinyl!

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