LNFG Intro Bundle 24

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As all of our standard Gold Vinyl Memberships have sold out, we wanted to give new options to new supporters whilst also offering extension bundles to existing supporters.

Like our Gold Membership Each bundle will provide access to the LNFG forum, access to the 8 year LNFG Digital Vault, access to tickets and all member discounts.

There are 4 packages available - each allows you to select new releases and past releases in equal numbers.

Choose any 2,4,6 or 8 new LPs and add any 2,4,6 or 8 Past Releases. A full list of available titles can be found below, all choices will be manually allocated at conclusion, there is no need or no place to add your selections at this stage. We will happily answer any questions regards variant options and specific titles. You can find all of our releases HERE 

Please note we limit Double LP selections to 1 per 2 x 2 and 2 per 4 x 4 

2024 New Releases

wojtek the bear ,Starless, Jerry Burns, Kilgour, Xan Tyler, Gates of Light, JJ Gilmour, Win, The Golden Tree, Chiarra Beradelli, Dignity Row, Autumn 1904, The Muldoons, The Hedrons, China Crisis, The Blow Monkeys, Robert Howards, His Latest Flame, Cowboy Mouth, The Hedrons, Louise Connell, Scorpio Leisure, BMX Bandits

Previous Releases

The Bathers, Kevin McDermott Orchestra, Cowboy Mouth, Annie Booth, The Skids, The McCluskey Brothers, The Poems, Soup Dragons, Hifi Sean & David McAlmont, BMX Bandits, We Are The Physics, Joy Zipper, The Supernaturals, Port Sulphur, Eugene Kelly, Theaudience, David McClymont, James Edwyn & The Borrowed Band, Jemima Thewes, Close Lobsters, Daniel Wylie, Cosmic Rough Riders, Davey Woodward, The Jazzateers, The Filthy Tongues, The Hedrons, St Dukes, Sugartown, Spare Snare, BIff Bang Pow, Ace City Racers, The Blue Aeroplanes, Trashcan Sinatras, That Petrol Emotion, The Kundlini Genie, Sister John, The Gracious Losers, In The Forest, Steve Lane, Andre Salvador & Von Kings, Bis, Superstar, Life Model, Its Immaterial, Raintree County, Lizabett Russo, Popup, Billy Reeves.

Existing Members will be able to acquire the bundle and apply their ****24 discount code and enjoy a further 20% off the package, should they wish to add any additional records into your existing package


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