Kevin McDermott Orchestra - Mother Natures Kitchen

Format: LNFG Exclusive Natural Vinyl
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Past Night From Glasgow is thrilled to bring you the majestic "Mother Nature's Kitchen" from Kevin McDermott Orchestra.

We will repress this album on 3 shades of vinyl, an exceptionally rare Mother Nature's Natural Vinyl, Woodland Green and Sky Blue versions will also be available. The album is slotted for release in May/June 2022.(Vinyl delays permitting) 

Following his solo album, Suffocation Blues, Kevin McDermott formed the Kevin McDermott Orchestra and began performing the material that would become Mother Nature's Kitchen.

McDermott distributed KMO demos to record companies and they were soon signed to Island. The album - which followed in 1989 was named as being number 37 in the list of "The best Scottish albums..ever"


An update on this release :

Allegations and insinuations are being tabled , suggesting that LNFG have not acted properly or professionally in the handling of this release. We strongly deny these allegations and for the record detail below each stage of approval that was sought and provided.

Kevin McDermott was invited to provide a courtesy agreement to allow LNFG to repress Mother Natures Kitchen in September 2021. The phonographic license is in fact owned by UMC and it is they who have 100% say on whether a record can be made.

Kevin's approval was obtained and a formal licensing request was made to UMC, the license was granted in November 2021. Kevin was then consulted on sleeve art, liner notes, vinyl colours and mastering. It was agreed in November 2021 that Paul McGeechan should remaster the vinyl and that vinyl master was received in late January 2022.

Kevin was informed in writing, at this time, of a likely release date of June 2022.

Kevin was provided with the master for approval and by mid February Kevin had resigned the need to approve, delegating such to the aforementioned Paul McGeechan.

On 21 April 2022, Test Pressings were received by LNFG. By chance on  23 April 2022 Kevin happened to attend our head office and our Managing Director - Ian Smith - saw the opportunity to provide Kevin with his Test Pressing for approval.

Kevin informed Ian that he (a) Did not want a test pressing (b) Did not have a record player to approve it upon (c) Did not need to approve the tests and that we should do that.

Shortly after this exchange (witnessed by several parties) Kevin changed his mind and requested the Test Pressing. Ian informed Kevin that manufacture was essentially booked in and had been booked in since November. Thus Kevin had until that date - no less than 4 weeks and no more than 6 weeks to approve the tests. Ian advised that manufacturers would assume approval in the absence of other advices.

On or around 24 April, Kevin began alleging, on social media, that LNFG were withholding and delaying the album's release and he alleged that no approval at any stage had been sought. He encouraged his fans to complain to the label and demand updates. Despite the record being in the queue for manufacture and running ahead of the advertised schedule, he encouraged buyers to harass LNFG for updates.

In a public exchange on social media - Leona Irvine of LNFG asked Kevin directly if he wanted us to cease the process or continue to manufacture and she was pointedly told to "Do her job and the make the records"

Shortly after this exchange, Kevin was invited to meet with his label representative, he refused this meeting and did not accept any attempts to communicate.

From that day on, no communication has been received from Kevin McDermott, although he has continued to post untruths and misinformation regarding the process. He is now suggesting that he was not provided the opportunity to check the test pressing. We struggle to understand how anyone - in possession of the very artifact for over 40 days, could make such an accusation.

Clearly this has been a painful and disruptive engagement for LNFG, we look forward to the matter being fully concluded and placed behind us.

As the only party to have invested any money in this engagement and as the only party who stands to lose money as a consequence of such, it is indeed a curious way for the matter to play out.



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