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Occasionally we embark upon projects with absolutely no idea of the pitfalls and processes. We did so a couple of years ago when we decided to publish Craig McAllister's biography of Trashcan Sinatras. The funny thing is that publishing books is considerably easier than pressing records but unlike pressing records, publishing books throws up many possibilities that are best left open - in the short term at least.

Later this year we will bring you a very limited run of Michael M's auto biographical tour de force- You're Doing It Wrong. The purpose of this limited run is to show the bigger publishers that their truly is a demand and market for this work and thus provide a platform for Michael's justified world domination.

Our plan is to, in Autumn 2024,  release 500-1000 beautiful books in a nice solid paperback format buuuut - if we generate sufficient support to manufacture a nice sold hardback book we will do so. Those folks jumping in on the process early could thus snare themselves a hardback for the price of a paperback. We have some further early adopter offers to tease your support further.

'From 2005–2015, I was Michael M, the singer, bass player, and songwriter of an indie rock band from Glasgow, Scotland called We Are The Physics. Never heard of them? I wouldn’t have either, if I hadn’t been in them.

We were a band who launched ourselves on MySpace in the burgeoning days of social media and were hurtled into the musical mainstream limelight for fourteen brief minutes of fame, then disappeared. Not in any cliched rock ’n’ roll implosion, but because most people just stopped looking for us.

I’m not welcoming you to a chronological memoir of my existence as if any of it mattered, but a series of vignettes and anecdotal tales of failure, chronic mundanity, and ridiculous dismay that document the architecture of my band’s demise, unravelling me and my catalogue of personal defeats. A Twilight Zone for the last gasps of the music industry before streaming took over, amplifying just how wrong we did it, and why you’ve never heard of us.

Unlike most music autobiographies, this isn’t an ode to sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll. It’s an ode to budget hotels, grim backstage boredom, the claw grabbing machines at service stations, and the unhinged and unspoken workers who made the machinations of touring without fame function.

This is a celebration of the middling, the mediocre, the jobbing bands who never got on Top of the Pops, the almost almost famous. Set against a background of the dour, perpetual rain of Glasgow and beyond, this poignant story moves from childhood dreams, to adolescent shame, through triumph and grief to tragic pathos, all with an acerbic (and Scottish) sense of self-deprecating humour.'

About the author:

Michael M was the lead singer, bass player and songwriter for Glasgow indie punk band We Are The Physics between 2005 and 2015. After the demise of the band, Michael gained minor internet notoriety through creation of memes and popular videos, including a re-edit of Slade’s ‘Merry Xmas Everybody’ that just repeats the song’s first line. He was named ‘the man who won the internet three times’ by The Verge in 2014. Between bouts of writing for an entertainment website, and working in offices with a sad face, Michael went on to release two solo albums and currently plays bass and sings in nerd rock outfit Slime City. He lives in Dennistoun and enjoys doing fuck all.

Here's a snippet to tickle your fancy : https://medium.com/@michaelmphysics/youre-doing-it-wrong-memoirs-of-being-in-the-best-band-you-ve-never-heard-of-supersonic-balding-8c23025f450f

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