What The Bluebells Did Next ... well sort of!

PNFG will be delighted to bring you a double header of re-releases in late 2021. The first "Favourite Colours" by The McCluskey Brothers, the second "Young America" by The Poems.

Favourite Colours was Ken and David's second album released originally in 1992 and never before available on Vinyl. We jump forward another 14 years to find Bobby's next venture The Poems. Also a CD only release this time on a US Label, Young America is a little known but much loved album, it features a whole host of talent including guest appearances from Isabel Campbell and Norman Blake, alongside main members Bobby Paterson, Adrian Barry, Kerry Polwart and Robert Hodgens.

We will release both in late 2021 - official dates to be concluded. Pressing quantities and variants will also be revealed shortly.

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