The Bathers - Unusual Places To Die LP/CD

Format: Green Vinyl
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So it's only taken about 2 years but we are finally in a position to bring you Unusual Places To Die on Vinyl and CD.

This will be the first time the album has been released on CD and the first time it's been out on a proper slab of vinyl 

Some of you may have pre-ordered this in the past and been waiting patiently (very patiently in some cases) for news, others decided to swap their pre-order over for Summer Lightning, some of you ordered both.

If you ordered both, we will send you a copy of UPTD if you chose not to swap over to Summer Lightning then the same goes. Otherwise fill your boots.

You can buy the Album on White or Green vinyl precisley like our pressing of Summer Lightning.

We anticipate the LP to land in SEPTEMBER 2023

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