The Jasmine Minks - We Make Our Own History LP

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Released on 12.11.23 the brand new album from Aberdeen's The Jasmine Minks.

Watch out world – the Jasmine Minks are back, urgent and resurgent, all tooled up and ready to rage against the machine with a barrage of life, love and poetry!

Released in partnership by the twin hipster flash mob of LNFG and Spinout Nuggets We Make Our Own History is the Creation Records legends' first studio album since Popartglory in 2001

Recorded with their old sparring partner Pat Collier, We Make Our Own History is available now for pre-order. Look out for a couple of singles before a planned November release date for the vinyl.

- Nick Godfrey, Precious Recordings of London

“The Jasmine Minks were the first real Creation band – their single ‘Think!’ was the fourth single we put out. An amazing unknown gem of a band. Working-class heroes – to me, anyway.”  Alan McGee

The album will be available on both Red and Blue Vinyl. Red vinyl sold out.

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