The Blue Aeroplanes - Swagger 2 x LP

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"Swagger is an elegant, evocative guitar record whose magnificence remains intact." - The Guardian 2006

PNFG is delighted to announce that in autumn 2022 we will bring you "Swagger" by The Blue Aeroplanes. Originally released in February 1990 on Ensign, Swagger remains the bands most critically acclaimed album, arriving hot on the heels of supporting R.E.M. on their legendary Green tour.

Our new 2 x LP will feature the original album plus bonus tracks.

The album is available to pre-order now on 3 different coloured vinyl pressings.

Track Listing : 

1. Jacket Hangs
2. World View Blue
3. Weightless
4. ...And Stones
1. Love Come Round
2. Your Ages
3. The Applicant
4. What It Is
1. Anti-Pretty
2. Careful Boy
3. Picture Framed
4. Cat-Scan Hist'ry
1. S.T.R.A.N.G.E.  (Out-take from 'Swagger')
2. Razorwalk. (From the 'Jacket Hangs' EP) 
3. Different Now (From the 'Jacket Hangs' EP)
4. Big Sky  (From the 'Jacket Hangs' EP)
5. You Are Loved (From the 'Loved' EP)
6. World View Blue (Acoustic version) (From the "Loved' EP)

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