Superhuman - Forgotten Playgrounds - Vinyl LP & Lossless DL

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Glasgow based duo Superhuman have announced the release of their new album, "Forgotten Playgrounds, the follow up to their 2021 EP The Effects of Noise on Man. The album is set for release in November 24 and will be available on vinyl, CD and all major streaming platforms. The album is a collection of 10 instrumental tracks that combine organic instruments and electronic tones to explore themes of childhood, nostalgia and inevitable loss. The band has said that the album is a reflection on their own hazy half-forgotten memories growing up in the small industrial town of Clydebank in the 1970s and 80s.

“We wanted to write an album that captures the feeling of growing up in those happy but strange times when children could buy a can of shandy and a pack of sweet cigarettes, watch terrifying public information films, and live with the knowledge that nuclear annihilation was always just three minutes away.”.

Superhuman’s Forgotten Playgrounds, will take you on a personal journey through childhood via TV, Movies, School and Friendship that’s both joyful and oddly sinister.

The first 50 copies of the album will be signed by the band - this is a very limited edition pressing on Eco Grind Vinyl

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